About us


EPS is an electrical company in the field of electrical automation. We are equipped to meet the high demands that this technology is constantly evolving. Our staff have many years of experience and continuing education on the cutting edge of technology.


Using modern tools we are able to plan extensive facilities, construct, and to provide clear documentation. Hardware and software of a system can be planned in accordance with applicable guidelines and standards, carefully dimensioned components and assemblies. In the operation of the plant special attention to clarity, legibility, safety and ease of use is defined.


The use of standardized software components reduces the project costs. Many procedures have been optimized software developed over time for EPS, and have been proven in use. The applications go far beyond today but the taxes and regulations. In the process running events will be displayed. Monitoring and diagnostic procedures ensure the proper functioning of a system, process data and conditions are recorded, networked systems exchange information to optimize centralized master control and monitor the whole process.